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Almond Crunch Granola

The perfect choice for almond lovers, this granola mixes crunchy oats with dry roasted almonds, sunflower seeds and jumbo organic raisins for a well balanced crunchy treat. This popular flavor combo is also available in a convenient grab & go granola bar!

Walnut & Fig Granola

This rich flavor profile blends crunchy walnuts with organic cherries, naturally dehydrated figs and is then lightly sweetened with organic clover honey. Containing natural amino acids and antioxidants, this granola is full of fiber and complex carbohydrates to boost your athletic performance as well as your metabolism!

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Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Protein Granola

Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, and all natural whey proteins combine forces with nutrient dense super foods such as oats, hemp seeds, and almonds to create an extremely satisfying high protein treat.  Perfect for keeping your energy levels high during activities or for instant recovery after a workout

Our delicious granola flavor combinations are now available in a convenient bar, perfect for on the go!

Tropical Granola

An island adventure for your taste buds! This gluten-free granola blends sweet with tart in an explosion of flavors, including pineapple, papaya, coconut, & dry-roasted macadamia nuts. Containing nutrient dense ‘superfoods’ such as hemp seeds & coconut oil, this is a light and balanced treat. Perfect for healthy munching, or for topping off your favorite yogurt

Fall Flavors Granola

This seasonal granola contains some of natures’ perfect foods, such as pepitas, dates & cashews, to provide an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body. High in Omega 3 fatty acids and all-natural proteins, this low calorie blend of flavors is crunchy and delicious!!

Tropical Granola Bar

Only $3.50/each - $3.00/each - discounted price when you buy an 8 pack!

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, Gluten-Free Protein Bar -

You favorite gluten-free snack is now available in a convenient grab & go 'SheBakes' protein bar!  Keep in your pocket while snowboarding, hiking, or in your gym bag for an easy after workout option. This 2 ounce bar contains more then 15 grams of protein and only 240 calories!!

She Bakes

Enjoy your favorite summer flavors wherever you are. Crunchy and delicious, this low calorie bar is rich in nutrients and contains plenty of gluten-free complex carbohydrates, perfect to keep your energy levels high!!

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